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The dogs listed below are adults that have been retired.  These dogs are perfect
for someone who does not want to go through the puppy stage, but still wants a
loving companion.  We love each of these dogs and would like to keep them here,
but we would have too many dogs.  In order for all of our dogs to get the non-stop
attention they deserve, we are looking for just the right families to adopt these
 Most of these dogs have been here since they were 8 weeks old and some
of them were born here.  These dogs are our babies, so please do not be offended
when we ask questions about the kind of home you would provide for them.  Shipping
is not available for these dogs.  We want to meet the family who is interested in
adopting one of our adult dogs and see the interaction between the family and the dog.






The dogs listed below are dogs we have retired.  After sharing the
 spotlight here, these dogs are now the "stars" in their new homes.

Adopted. Pictures of Karmen.

Karmen was adopted by Jim and Pam.


Adopted. Pictures of Bell taken March, 2012

Bell was adopted by Susan, Jacob and Cary.

June, 2012
Dear Barb and Don,
Good afternoon!  Bell is doing sooo wonderful!  She seems very happy with us.  She is such a love!  She is so snuggly and seems very comfortable with all of us.  She follows us around and has to be laying on us if we are sitting down.  She is sleeping well.  She slept with me last night, and with the girls, the first night.  We will see if she tries out Jake's bed tonight!  Thank you so much for giving Bell to us.  She is such a love, so sweet and loving.  We are so happy to have her.  Please feel free to call or come by any time. 
July 16, 2012
Hi Barb!  Yes, Bell has settled in perfectly.  She is the happiest, cutest, sweetest dog!  She is a ball of fire!!  Every day when any of us gets home, from anywhere, after any length of time, Bell races around like a crazy girl.  Its like she throws a Welcome Home party every time we walk in the door!!  It is so sweet and so funny!  She has to sleep on the pillow next to our head, or if she is in my bed, (she switches off), she likes to sleep with her neck on my neck!  We just love her and are so grateful that you gave her to us.  I am sure Bell would love to see you.  Would you like to come over and visit with her? 



ADOPTED.  Pictures of Rusty taken July, 2011

Rusty was adopted by Norma and Don.  Rusty often gets to play with his son "Peanut"
who was adopted by Norma's and Don's daughter, Heidi and her family.

September 1, 2011 
Hi Barb & Don, 
Just have to write and brag about "our boy"!  He just gets better all the time.  He had gotten really bad about barking and looking all aggressive when someone came that he didn't know.  Even sometimes with some of our kids that he doesn't see very often (grown kids...not little ones).  But he is getting so much better.  Of course all it ever took was for the person to go over to him and talk to him and touch him and he would stop and look at them like, "Oh, I'm sorry that I barked and growled at you."  Not everyone was willing to do this though.  Well, I think that is all in the past because he is so much better now.  There is a little girl next door that is just 2 and when they come out and Don and Rusty are  in the garage, she sits down on the driveway and calls to him..."here, Rusty".  He goes over and licks her and says hi.  He is even getting along with their German Shepherd.  Don has been working with Rusty on this and I guess it is paying off.  I think he was just trying to be the big protector since he was the only dog in the house.   
He has such a personality.  Don is out of town for a few days and I took Rusty with me to the bank drive through.  He sat on the front seat by himself until we drove up to the window and then he got on my lap so they would give him a treat.  Don has always been the one to take him outside until now so I have been getting the treat jar out and shaking it before we go out.  Telling him..."What do good dogs get"?  He then goes out and does his thing and comes back and stands up against my leg and asks for his treat.  He is so-o-o smart!  We also love it when he is outside checking things out because he stands just like the dogs in the show ring with his tail up and his back straight and his head up.  He is so beautiful!  He loves my lap almost as much as Don's now.  (He sort of shares.)  He is very strong willed but does listen when we are firm with him.  If I am eating something in my recliner, he tries to get his nose into it but I just have to put up my hand and tell him no and he sits right down.  He does pout if we scold him and goes to the one who didn't do the scolding for comfort.  He sometimes just lays down on the carpet and puts his chin on the floor and looks pitiful.  That usually works too.  He knows just how to work us.  He still loves to hug and likes my kisses on the top of his head.  Those eyes just tell it all.   
Found out that he either doesn't like or doesn't understand singing.  He was on my lap and a song came on TV that I liked and I started to sing.  He came up from under the blanket and tilted his head from side to side and then jumped at my face.  He did this several times.  I know my voice isn't what it used to be but really!!!  I had to laugh because Oscar used to howl when Heidi and I or anyone would sing while I played the piano.  He did not like it at all!   
Well, anyway, just wanted you to know again for the hundredth time what a sweet and loving little guy he is.  He has even started to play once in awhile.  He loves his stuffed dog and monkey.  But of course his favorite thing to do is to sit under a blanket on a lap and sleep.  We love that the best.   
Thanks again for giving him up...sure was a good thing for us! 
Norma (and Don)


October 5, 2011
How are the new puppies doing?  Do you have any left?  Rusty is still one of the loves of our lives.  He had another little adventure last week.  He got out again when Don was going out the back door.  He has been so good about not trying to get out but we had been for a long ride in the convertible which he really loves and I think he just got all excited.  He loves all the smells he can enjoy with the top down.  Anyway, he stayed close by but totally ignored us when we tried to catch him.  A lady on the next block over came out to help Don and Rusty laid down to let her talk to him and come up to him as he does with strangers when he is not at home.  At that moment I came around the corner with the car so we all rode the block and a half home.  I just have to laugh at how much he has the "Dachshund" attitudes.  Heidi and I talk about that often as Peanut has the same things.  Having had so many Doxies it just seems to be ingrained in the species.  He is so lovable but still very independent, stubborn sometimes, and mischievous.  These are things that we love about them too.  Peanut continues to just  wouldn't believe how long he is.  He is so laid back and sweet.  He kind of just lopes along which makes us all laugh.  When he and Holly start playing though, he can really take off.  Peanut and Rusty are both the sweetest and lovingest dogs I think we have ever had.  I also think that Chiquita is talking to Rusty.  Yesterday I was going upstairs when I noticed the sunlight shining on the upper steps.  This was one of Chiquita's favorite places to lay when she was alive.  It made me stop and think of her.  Well, the strangest thing happened.  Today I was coming down the stairs and guess who was laying on the second step from the top in the sunlight just soaking it up!  Yup, it was Rusty.  Such a coincidence that this happened for the first time the day after I had thought of it.  Chiquita probably whispered in Rusty's ear and told him how nice it is to lay there and what a good trick it would be to do so to surprise me.   
Well, I am rambling again.  It is so nice to share stories with you guys as I know you have as much love for your dogs as we do. 


Wednesday, October 12th
I am so sorry that I didn't look at my emails until today.  I hope you went ahead and used us for a reference.  You may do so at any time and Heidi too.  We both rave to everyone we talk to about the dogs and you and Don as breeders.  I think you have the sweetest dogs because you and Don are so good to them.  It's all in how they are raised from the beginning as far as I am concerned.  The extra love you give them and the way they are socialized with people coming to see the puppies makes for such a good beginning. 
Just got a call from Heidi and I told her I was emailing you.  She said to be sure and put her down as a reference too.  She also wants me to ask when they could come out and bring Peanut. 
Rusty was so-o-o good this weekend with our friends.  He liked Linda right away and sat in her lap a couple of times.  The last night they were here, he even jumped up into Roger's lap.  They thought he was great!  Linda wants to get a dog but Roger doesn't want to be tied down.  I told them we could give you a call and you would maybe have a puppy they could take home!  Couldn't get Roger to change his mind.  They do a lot of traveling...weeks at a time so I understand his reluctance. 



July 6, 2012
Hi Don and Barb, 
I was just looking at your website with Mom and noticed Don has taken up with some other Dachshunds letting them sit all over his lap and probably getting all his hugs.  I am quite put out!  I thought Dreamer and I were the favored ones!  In the picture even Jaeger seemed to be telling Don that it just wasn't right.  Oh, well, I guess I have been gone for awhile and I suppose my having two laps exclusively at my new home should make me happy!  I do have it pretty good here.  Theres hardly a minute that goes by that I don't have a lap or a soft place to lay.   I have been so good that I don't even have to go into my crate when Mom and Dad leave.  I just relax on the couch on my pillow and blanket until they return and then I shower them with hugs and licks so they remember how special and sweet I am. 
Dad took me to the vet for my rabies shot and a nail clipping this week.  It seems I may have been enjoying retirement just a little too much.  I have gained a  little weight and now weigh 11.5 lbs.  The vet says I am a little too heavy for my size so I gave him that evil eye look that I use when humans say things I don't like.  Mom says she doesn't understand since I only get 1/2 cup of dog food at a time and I usually spread that over a day.  Sometimes I eat a little more but not usually.  I don't eat table scraps, although I really would like to, so it can't be that.  I do get some really great treats that are all natural but only a small one twice a day and I really deserve that.  Dad and Mom think it may be that I don't have the fenced yard to run in any more.  I only get to do that when I go to my Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jeff's house.  I am going there next week to stay with Uncle Jeff, my son, Peanut, and his girl friend, Holly, as my Mom and Dad are going to Florida.  Aunt Heidi and cousins, Katie and Emily will be going too and I will miss them!  I will get lots of exercise there since they have such a nice big fenced yard.  Sometimes I think Peanut and Holly get pretty silly though with all the running and horsing around.  I partake as much as I see fit and then I just lay down and ignore them.
Well, I better end this email as Dad has come home and needs someone to warm his lap.  He sure does like me to curl up and sleep with him.  Mom likes lots of hugs and kisses me on my forehead a lot.  She calls me her "little guy" although lately she has been calling me "chubbs".  Wonder what that means?!  Say hi to all my buddies at your house.  I miss you guys!
Love, Rusty



ADOPTED.  Pictures of Jack taken July, 2011

Jack now lives with Nichole and Christopher.

Jack in his new home October, 2011



November, 2011 Hello-Jack is such a wonderful dog….so sweet and loving!! He has brought so much fun and laughter to our house.  I have to admit I have been spoiling him like crazy!!  Just today I went out and bought him cute little sweaters and dog treats (early xmas presents).  Mako and Jack are best buddies, yesterday we brought them to the park and they were playing with each other.  Philip and I are both so grateful that they have warmed up to each other. Jack does something that we think is hilarious, we feed both dogs at the same time, Jack has his little bowl and Mako has a big bowl, Jack tries to eat out of Mako’s bowl instead of his own and Mako will eat out of Jack’s bowl!! We quickly switch them around but its funny how they both go to the wrong bowls, I am surprised that Mako doesn’t put up a fuss about it, he just walks over to Jack’s bowl instead and starts eating!! Jack is walking on a leash, I am was so excited about it! Before he would just sit there on the sidewalk and wouldn’t even budge, and now he loves his walks! I think he just had to get familiar with his surroundings! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Nichole


February 26, 2012
Hope everything is going well.  Jack is 
doing great. I put him in a wiener dog 
derby a few weekends ago:) It was so 
much fun, it was pre mardi gras and they 
had the dog parade and wiener dog races.  
Jack came in second in his heat and 
didn't make it to the finals, but it we 
had a good time.  I've attached a pic. 
That look on his face cracks me up! 
Hope you had a wonderful week and I'll 
talk to you 




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