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Previous Puppies.....  Previous Puppies

These are some of our puppies that have gone to their new homes.


Carly had her "Happy" babies on May 12, 2010. Jake was the dad.

Marion will now be called Heidi and
lives with Johnnie and Pamela.
Joanie went home with Paul & Leann & is now called Mocha
Johnnie reports that Heidi has adjusted
well to her new home. Their other dachshund is "mothering and protecting" her.  Heidi is doing well with potty training--only 2 accidents! 


November, 2010  Enclosed are some pictures of Heidi (aka Marion). She weighs 7.6 Lbs. She was spayed last week. She is really small but a little spit fire, you can not keep her down even with surgery. She is really a happy dog she even takes all the toys away from the other dogs.  They just look at her with a look like don't you have some other place to go. She is a great dog, very smart.  Thought you might enjoy seeing her with her new family.  Also she is a great mole hunter as you see by the one photo.. Her new friends are Dixie the Shih Tzu and Vienna the Dachshund.  Pamela and Johnnie

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May, 2011 Here are some pictures of Mocha.
She is doing well. She is a little bit naughty these days. Paul & Rie



Richie lives in NY with Marie. He lives with one of our other pups from Becca's Litter, Jonquil.

Howard is now called Charlie and went home with Tom and Kristina.

Fonzie is still called Fonzie. He went home with Rick, Kathleen, Ricky & Paige.


May 12, 2011 Fonzie had a Wonderful birthday!!
He is doing good~ he is very loved (spoiled) and such a part of the Babor Bunch!




The Golden Girls  "Thank you for being a friend"
Karmen's & Dreamer's English Cream pups born on May 9th. 
 Pictures taken when pups were 7 wks old


Blanche 8 weeks old

Dorothy 8 weeks old

Rose at 8 weeks old

This puppy is now called Jewel & lives with Cindy
and Peyton.

Dorothy went home with Eric and Sara in Philadelphia.  She is a shaded cream longhair  and her new name is Winnie.

This blond beauty went home with Norman, Elise and Alex. She will still be called Rose.

Pictures of Rose in her new home.
January, 2011 Rose is doing great. She does great with our other two Blanche (red) and Stella (black). 
She loves the snow. She has a great personally and loves to have her tummy rubbed.  Elise & Norman 
Pictures of Winnie (aka Dorothy) in her new home.
May, 2011 Winnie is absolutely amazing!  She is the perfect addition to our family.  She is well mannered, well trained, well adjusted ... just perfect. We can't thank you enough for bringing us such a blessing.


Thelma & Louise born 7-23-10 to Greta and Jake.
Thelma & Louise at 4 weeks old

Thelma is now called Pixie and went home with Clayton and his family.

Louise went home with David & Shannon and will now be called Skye.  Rebecca, a
chocolate and tan dapple pup from Cookie's litter also went home with David & Shannon.

Skye in her Santa outfit

December, 2010

Heather and Jack's pups born on May 20, 2010GOOD GRIEF!  THESE PUPS ARE CUTE!


Snoopy went home with Tab, Shawn, & Maddi
and his new name is Elmore.

Linus went home with    Matt and Ashley and is   now called Bobo

Lucy is now called Karli and went home with Gene and her new dachshund
brother and sisters, Oskar, Gretchen, and Heidi.



This is Snoopy aka Elmore in this new home May, 2011

Hi Barb and Don,
Just wanted to send a few pictures of Elmore all grown up. He is a year old now and we wouldn't trade him for nothin.  We are so glad to have him in our family. He is very well behaved and a joy to be around. We love him so much. Thanks Tab, Shawn and Maddi

Charlie is staying here and his new name is Rebel.  He is a very handsome boy and we are looking forward to seeing what his pups look like when we start breeding him in 2011.

  Rebel at 5 wks.                     Linus (aka Bobo) & Rebel at 13 weeks

Summer and Snickers litter born on September 8, 2010.

Frenchy is now called Molly and went home with Renee Sandy is now called Dee Dee & went home with Ed Danny is now called Tiger and went home with Lucas, Troy, Dina and Michael

Rizzo is now called Ginger & went home with Brad, Pamela and Paige


January, 2011
This is Molly  (aka Frenchy) in her new home. What a pretty girl!  I think she knows it. 


April, 2011 Pictures of Molly in her new home.

April, 2011
Hi! It is good to hear from you.  Molly is doing great!  We all love her very much and enjoy her funny little personality. She was just spay a week ago Monday by Dr. Carter. She was pretty sore that first night, but has healed up just fine.  She has adjusted to her electric fence pretty good and is getting along with the grumpy old Max (seen in picture above).
Take care!


Pictures of Tiger (aka Danny) in his new home

Hi Barb: 
Nice to hear from you.  We are sooooo enjoying Tiger.  He's been neutered, February 4th.
 We had a trainer come to our house for 4 sessions and he was an excellent student.  He's a little on the spoiled side, but that's our fault because we enjoy him so much.  A little mischievous at times, too,  and very attached to me.  He still spends the day with my parents and they are quite attached to him also.  The boys get a kick out of it when they call a couple times over the weekend, just to check on Tiger.
Anyway, I do have pictures to send you and when I get our email at home working I'll forward on to you.  I know my sister-in-law is still interested in a puppy so I'll have her contact you.  Thanks, Barb.

Cookie, our longhair chocolate girl, had a litter of 4 girls on July 21, 2010. 
The sire of this litter is Jack, our isabella dapple smooth coat.


Sarah went home with Dave and Sharon & her new canine brother Chico.

Alicia is now called Sadie Sue     and went home with Rosie. 

Deana is now called Bella and went home with Nick and Jill and  one of our other dogs, Tilley.



Rebecca went home with David and Shannon and is now called Stella.  Louise (aka Skye), a chocolate piebald from Greta's litter also went home with David and Shannon.

Stella in her Santa hat. December, 2010

Molly and Rusty had 2 pups Sonny & Cher on September 23, 2010.

Sonny now called Copper went home with Kelley, John, Nancy and Owen. 
Here are pictures of him in his new home.


Cher, a black and tan smooth coat, is staying here and is now
registered as Cedar Lakes Clampett Black Gold, her call name is Ellie May.

Layney and Pokey had 5 pups on September 30, 2010 .

Pumpkin went home with Amber.

Autumn, now called Nala, went home with Andrea, Jerome Jr,
, Jervon and Scrappy their red dachshund.

Mayflower is staying here and is now registered as
Cedar Lakes Midnight Madness--Mady for short.

Chief and Pilgrim went to Maryland to live with Megan and Vince.

 Pilgrim is now called Remi                                   

Chief is now called Tyson    

They are such sweet boys. Chief is now named Tyson and is actually much quieter then Pilgrim now named Remi.  Tyson
will lay on the floor and entertain himself with toys or his brother.  He will sit in front of us when he is ready for us to
pick him up.  Remi  on the other hand does a fair bit more crying. He doesn't really play with the toys as much as
Tyson does.  He is getting there though.  Both boys cry like crazy though if we leave the room to grab something. 
They are doing really well in their crate at night, they walk right in and lay down but we wait until they are really tired for
that part.  They are both doing so well.  They haven't had many visitors but those who have seen them are absolutely
in love with them.  They are both very spoiled.  I am going to attach the few pictures my husband has uploaded to the
computer although I know he has many more on his camera.  Megan


Pumpkin, now called Bentley, in his new home. 

Bentley's first night at home, sound asleep.. He adapted very well and potty trained very quickly.

Bentley his first week home cuddling up
with our other dachshund Patches

Bentley expressing his love for water,
he discovered the sprinkler...

Bentley from today just hanging around in the backyard posing for pictures...

August, 2011
It's almost been a year since we got Bentley, he's still doing amazing and has been my best friend since we brought him home. He sleeps with me, we play outside daily, he's the funniest dog I've ever seen. I filled up the bathtub one morning and out of no where Bentley comes storming down the hallway and dove head first into the tub.. Now he repeatedly jumps in the tub and plays with his toys in the bath lol... Here are a few pics of him throughout the year... 

Caroline and Jake had one little girl on September 21, 2010.

Tinkerbell went home with Susan.

Susan writes.....
Tinkerbell is doing quite well. Her original name fit her personality perfectly so we decided to keep it as Tinkerbell (Tink for short J). Tink is doing well in her new home, my horses and Great Pyrenees like her well enough, although my cat is not so sure yet J! Her nose is just a bit out of place right now but she will get over it. Tink is eating, playing and learning very well and she loves her chew bones (and our fingers). She gets a smidgen of milk a day and sleeps on my pillow as the “queen” of the house should ;).  She is already well loved. PS.  If I ever learn how to upload pictures, I will be sure to send you some of Tinks.



Bell's and Dreamer's litter born October 3, 2010. 


Theodore is now called Oskar and went home with Jola.
Pictures of Oskar in his new home. April, 2011

Hi Barb, how are you doing? Hope you had a nice Easter weekend!
Just wanted to say "Hi" and show you a few pictures of Oskar who is almost 7 months old!!!  My "little" man is doing great! He loves to walk, run outside and play with other dogs! Last week he had a "little" surgery but he is doing OK now. Also we did the obedience class and now he is taking the good citizen class at our local petco which he really likes.
I am still interested in getting another dog so Oskar will have a friend to play with. Please keep me in mind if you will have any of your adult dogs available for adoption.
Regards, Jola


Simon is now called Heath & went home with the Boone family.


Alvin is now called Rudy and he went
home with Heath, Amy, Tyler, Wyatt, and Owyn.

Hello Barb, Just wanted to tell you that all is going well here.  Rudy is adjusting very well.  He made the 1 1/2 hour drive
home very well.  Slept almost the entire way.  He cried the first night but last night was much better.  He is very laid back and LOVES to cuddle on our laps while we watch TV. Our boys were absolutely thrilled to come home on Sunday morning to find him.  We couldn't have asked for a better gift for them. I have attached a few pics of them. Thanks again, Amy



Lizzy's and Jake's litter born on October 26, 2010


Clarence will keep his name.  He went home with Karen. 

George will keep his name & went home with Hutch and Joan.  They also adopted Frosty from Becca's litter.  Frosty is now called Frankie

Potter will be called Bailey and went home with Don & Alyssa


Billy is now called Willie and lives in Lee's Summit with Kirby and Beth
and the rest of their family.


"Mary" went home with Harold and Mary and will
now be called Lucy.


Willie (aka Billy) in his new home January, 2011


Jan. 16, 2011
Hi Barb, Willie (aka Billy) is doing REALLY well with potty training.  He knows exactly what to do when we take him out and he does it quickly since it is cold!  We use a can of squirt cheese as a reward, and he runs right over to the counter when we come inside...and waits for his squirt.  In fact, all of my dogs have a cheese party when Willie pee pees!  He doesn't really ask to go out yet, but I am going out today to buy a bell to hang on the door.  He is so very smart, that I don't think it will take any time at all.  I would say that Willie has only had about three accident in the house so I will give him an A+ in potty training.
Willie is such a clown.  He is either playing at full speed, or he is bagged out!  He loves to play with everyone in the family, but he loves my husband the most!  I think he is the cutest puppy that I have ever seen.  I love his personality, and he is so healthy.  In many ways, Willie is helping to heal our hearts.  It feels really good to have a healthy, energetic baby in the house.  We all still miss our Peanut, but Willie reminds us of all of the fun we had with her when she was a baby, and he reminds us that her life with us was full and complete...how lucky we were to know her for all of her life.  I am glad the other puppies are doing well.  (Of course I think that we have the best one! LOL Beth
Update: Jan. 22nd 
I am glad you liked the pictures. Willie chewed up my camera cord so I can't send any more until I get another:). LOL!
He chewed it in an instant right before my eyes. On a positive note Willie is ringing the bell to go potty! Such a smart boy!

Willie (aka Billy)  and his "sister" Maggie December, 2012

December 25, 2012
We hope your Christmas was as exhausting as ours!  
God Bless you in the new year. 
Love ,
Willie Nelson (aka Billy) and Maggie May 



Pictures of Lucy (aka) Mary in her new home. April, 2011


April, 2011
Hi Barb & Don,
 Here it is the 6 month birthday of the Wonderful Life litter. Lucy now weighs about 8.5 pounds, was spayed last week and is quite a Diva! She has boundless energy. Trying to keep her still after the surgery for a week+ has been nearly impossible. She jumps on every piece of funiture except our bed, which is still too tall. She is quite an athletic little pup, loves to chase a tennis ball, play tug of war, jump to unbelievable heights, and crawl up on the back of our necks. She also is very vocal about wanting attention. We love her dearly! She is always into something. I look forward to the day when we can take gates down and trust her not to get into anything!
I've attached a few up to date pictures.  Chris


Becca's and Jack's litter born October 24, 2010


Frosty will now be called Frankie and went home with Hutch and Joan.  They also adopted George from Lizzy's litter.

Jingle went home with Karen and Norman and is now called Romper.



Jolly is now called Sparky and went home with Monica.

Yule is now called Max and went home with Daniel.

Noel will now be called Macy Mae.  She went home with Kay, Kara,  Kaylyn and Steve.

Pictures of Romper (aka Jingle) in his new home

January 2011 Norm writes:  Hi,  I attached a few pictures of Romper (formerly Jingle). 
I just love him to death.  He is very smart and very happy.

Carly's and Rusty's litter born December 6, 2010. 

            Yogi went home with Sandy and
         Ron and will now be called Boomer.

BooBoo went home with Kerri and Jack and will keep his original name.


Here are pictures of Boomer (aka Yogi) in his new home.

I am so handsome

After a hard day playing.
Mom and me.
Playing around
I love my new home

I hope they feed me 
lots of good stuff!
Loves his blanket

March, 2011
Hi Barb and Don,
We are so very happy to have Boomer as part of our family.  He is almost 14 weeks old, weighs about 6.3 lbs. During the day he can be quiet but in the evening he comes alive. Loves to run around the family room and get into trouble.  He is doing pretty good with potty training we are trying the bell method and I think he is getting the idea.  Only sometimes he rings it just to get us in the room.  We also are doing the cage training, it's the best!  He has slept through the night from day one and doesn't get up till 7:00 a.m.  Boomer is nothing but fun.  We love him so much, I don't know how we ever got along without him.
A few photos of our boy
Thanks again for our Baby Boy Boomer, what a bundle of Joy.
Ron and Sandy


Here are pictures of Boo Boo in his new home.

Hi Barb & Don! 
Jack and I love Boo Boo so much, how did we every live without him?! He’s the cutest little stinker ever! He weighed in at 4.5 lbs at our 14 week check up. Although we’re not exactly sure what he does during the day in his play pen, we imagine a lot of sleeping. When we come home, he’s definitely ready for food, walk, and lots of love and play. He’s a mommy’s boy, but daddy has grown on him. Dad gives him the ‘”happy bone” and takes him for car rides. Mom is his walking friend, at least 2 times a day. He’s great on walks, only fighting when snow or rain are involved. He sleeps right between us every night but still gets up once to use the bathroom. Other than that, I think we got the potty training down. I’ve already told Jack, Boo Boo wants a girlfriend maybe next year.



Skye & Dreamer had 2 boys & 1 girl on 12-18-10.  Both parents are English Creams. 

Skye's pups at 4 weeks old



Candy went home with Kelly 

Hi Barb,
Things have been going really well. We named her Harlowe. She weighed 4 lbs 7 oz at her check up last week. The vet just can't get over her! She said she's never seen a dachshund with that color. Everybody thinks she's just the cutest thing! 
The kids just love her. She's the sweetest little thing - she loves to cuddle, but she also gets wound up and loves to run and play. She likes to give our cat a hard time, but he just ignores her. We're still working on house training. She knows exactly what to do when she goes outside, but if the urge hits inside, she'll go. So we make LOTS of trips outside!
She sleeps with me at night. We tried the kennel during the night at first, but she didn't like that. I put her in bed with me and she sleeps all night!
I'll send another email with pictures. Thanks for checking in. I'll keep you updated.


Pictures of Harlowe (aka Candy) taken in her new home April, 2011


 Valentine and Cupid. Pictures taken 1-16-11 at 4 wks old

Valentine and Cupid. Pictures taken 3-6-11 at 11 wks old

Valentine & Cupid went home together.  Valentine, the shaded cream,
is now called Barnaby and Cupid, the pale cream, is named Hampton.
  These handsome boys live with Jon and Kris.

March, 2011
Thanks Barb for the kind words, and for allowing us to have both of your "babies".  They have been such a delight since we have brought them home.  They have been PERFECT... they have not cried hardly at all.  They have even slept through the night on both Saturday and Sunday nights.  As a matter of fact, Kris and I both got up at about 5am on Sunday just to check on them, as they were so quiet all night. 
Again, Thanks SO MUCH for the puppies.  We will definitely take good care of them.  I will definitely add you to our contacts, so we will be able to send you pictures in the future.  Thanks again and take care...
Jon and Kris


Pictures of Hampton (aka Cupid) & Barnaby (aka Valentine) taken in their new home May, 2011


Barnaby and Hampton


May 22, 2011
Hi Barb and Don,
I wanted to update you on our gorgeous puppies.  They are doing great.  Still soft and beautiful.  Still the best of friends, and they have bonded wonderfully with our family.  Both my parents and daughter have resumed bringing their dachshunds to Sunday dinners now, and although the cat isn’t thrilled to have 4 dogs in the house, the dogs get along fine.
The puppies are almost potty trained (doing amazingly).  They are also practicing a bit walking on leashes.  We opened our pool this week – kind of stressful since they had been squeezing through the fence and racing across the cover, previously.  Although we have not had any problems, plans are underway to puppy-proof the fence.
Barnaby and Hampton get more and more freedom daily, and most nights we have at least an hour of couch time with the 4 of us.  Enjoy these pictures of our boys and enjoy your summer.
Jon and Kris Faulkner


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