The modern day dachshund was developed in Germany where it is still one of the most favored and most common breeds. From Germany the Dachshund has spread to many other countries and has won remarkable popularity.

The Dachshund was originally a sporting breed and as such is extremely versatile. It is used for badger hunting below ground and, because it is slow for hunting deer. The Dachshund is also used for tracking, flushing and retrieving in the field, wood and water. However, in this country most hunters prefer a larger dog, and  Dachshunds have become popular family pets. Besides being of a suitable size for apartments, the Dachshund has a very special character which it shares with no other breed. It is intelligent and faithful, watchful and uncompromising. They are a sturdy breed and do well in families with small children. Many owners prefer Dachshunds to toy breeds, because they come from the hound group and have an even temperament and tend to bark less.

Dachshunds are divided into two varieties: Standard and Miniature. Average weight for Standard Dachshunds is about 18 pounds and for the miniatures about 10 pounds. The standard variety is more common in Germany where they are still used to hunt. The miniature has become the favored variety in America. There are three varieties of coats in the Dachshund: smooth haired, wire haired and long haired. Colors vary widely in the Dachshund with the black and tan, or various shades of red being the most common.  Besides black and red, other dachshund colors are chocolate, cream, wheaten, and wild boar.  Three additional colors are dilutes of black, red, and chocolate.  The dilute for black is blue, the dilute for red is clear red, and the dilute for chocolate is Isabella.  There are also three patterns: brindle, dapple, and piebald.  All colors are permissible and a little white on the chest is acceptable.

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