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These are some of our puppies that have gone to their new homes.


Halle's and Rebel's litter born on January 5, 2013.

Aldous went home with Jennifer and Steve.

 Vienna went home with Trella and Eric.


Isabel went home with Jennifer.

Leia went home with the Walker family. The also
adopted Luke (aka Boulder) from Summer's litter.

Aldous in his new home May, 2013

May 1, 2013
Hi Barb,
I am just writing to tell you how Aldous is doing....... he is lovable, and rotten and absolutely a joy to have around. Puppies really test your patience, hahah. Potty training is going well.....6 days accident free!!!
I hope you enjoy some of the pictures. They get so big too fast!



Vienna in her new home April, 2013

April 13, 2013
Good morning and happy Saturday to both of you...I have been telling Eric for the past several weeks I wanted to get a note to you...but trying
to get a good picture of our little wiggly girl is not always an easy task...Vienna is the cutest girl we could have ever imagined.  She loves everyone and we laugh at her every day. She has become a part of our family so that we can't remember not having her, as she rules everything - we tell each other every day how much we love her.  She gets so excited when anyone comes home and has a difficult time holding her excitement when her "siblings" come over. Today will be her last visit to the vet for shots and she was up to just over four pounds three weeks ago - she appears to have grown over night, so her weight should be up quite a bit. She is a quick student, although she went through a weird set back last week for a few days and came out of it better than ever - she is becoming independent in her play and has decided her bed is an okay place to hang out and play.  We have spent a lot of time teaching her to go outside and have had very few accidents in the house.  She is doing great during the day in her enclosure, although every day is difficult to leave her while we are getting back to work. She loves to play and she thinks ponytails are the very best play toy invented!  We have only heard her little bark a few times - it's raspy and only happens when she is very startled...we definitely don't have a vocal puppy!  She is still able to let us know what she wants and she is great at letting us know that she wants outside, which she loves in all weather!! 
I apologize for being lax in getting anything to you and have enclosed some pics of our little princess!!! 


Pearl's and Dreamer's litter born on January 23, 2013.

Crockett is staying here
and his new name is Sundance

Tubbs went home with Ron, Stacy, Lindsey and Madeline.


April 4, 2013
Hi Barb & Don!
Just wanted to let you know that Tubbs
is adjusting well to his new home. He 
is eating dry food, playing hard & 
sleeping sound! He had an excellent 
vet visit & is currently weighing in 
at 3.9 pounds. He is such a joy!
Below is a picture of Tubbs 
(action shot, mid hop!) playing 
with his big sister, Belle. 
Thank you!



May 6, 2013
Hi Barb!
Tubbs is quite a character! He has so much personality. We absolutely love him!  He is up to 5lbs 8oz as of his vet visit last week. He is playing wonderfully with our beagle, Belle, and goes to the back door when he needs to go outside (we haven't had an accident in the house for a little while now)!  No problems eating and he has started enjoying walks.  He has been such a perfect fit & wonderful addition to the family.  I will send some updated pics soon!





Mady's and Jake's litter born on February 11, 2013.

Pippa went home with Bev & Will

Stanley went home with Gene and Carla and his "brother" Gilbert who
was adopted from us 3 years ago.

Sofie went home with
Dave, Amy and Payton.


Graci and Zeke went home with Mabel and Jim.

Tonka went home with Courtney & Aaron


Stanley in his new home April, 2013

April 19, 2013
Hi Barb,
We've had a few sleepless nights, but things seem to be progressing. Stanley is VERY smart, and except for one accident, has been going outside to use the bathroom, whining at the patio door when he wants to go out. We've had two nights now, where he's slept all night even! Gilbert has been very good to Stanley, but sometimes by the end of the day, he wants a break. lol  Here's a few pictures!  
We're loving our new addition. Just hoping the weather has improved and we can do more playing outside! 



Sofie in her new home April, 2013

April 15, 2013
Hi Barb!  Just wanted you to know Sofie is adjusted quite well.  She is going potty outside with only a few poop accidents inside and I think she is already very spoiled! Doesn't like to be alone or out of my sight for very long.....I think I may have done that!  She is at work with me today and so far so good.  Here's a picture of her hard at work today!   
Thanks again for the great addition to our family! 


Sofie in her new home May, 2013

Not sure why we bought her 3 beds to sleep in....she is so cute!  
She really is sleeping!    


Zeke and Graci in their new home April, 2013


Tonka in his new home April, 2013

I just wanted to let you all know that tonka is doing wonderful.  He was a dream on the ride home. He slept through the night last night with no accidents and has been going potty outside like a pro! We've done lots of playing and napping.  Thank you all again for all that you do for this wonderful breed! 
Barb just wanted to brag a little on tonka!
He has to be the smartest sweetest little
boy ever. He has pretty much mastered
sit, lay down, stay and shake as well
as mastering potty training. We have
only had a few accidents since we've
had him home. He sleeps through the
night. He naps on my face. Hes in love
with his new big brother and sister and
they are in love with him too. We could
not be happier to have gotten such a
sweet wonderful baby boy. 

Thanks again,



Tonka in his new home July, 2013

July 24, 2013
Hey guys sorry its been so long it has been crazy lately. Just wanted to let you all know tonka is doing great! He's an amazing little shadow and we couldn't be happier!  He will be getting neutered next month.
Thank you again 




Wilma's and Jake's litter born on March 26, 2013.

Ani went home with
Ben, Liz and family.

Louie went home with Pam
and her family.  Louie will get to play with his grandmother, Cookie, who was adopted
by Pam's parents.

Pup Drogo went
home with Dan and Bri

Remmy went home with
Anna and her family.


Remmy in his new home.  June, 2013

June 7, 2012
Hello Barb and Don- 
I think I am in L-O-V-E! With Remmy! He is such a great dog. Very playful and smart. I have only heard him bark a few times. He does whine every now and then. He enjoys walks and has made a few dog friends in the neighborhood.  He's very loving to my family but can be shy around other people.  
Good news- he sleeps the entire night through! That makes me so happy (the first week or so he was up every three hours; I am glad that didn't last long). More good news, he hasn't had an accident inside in over a week! We have really been trying to stick to a feeding and potty schedule. I am glad my sisters are home to help with this. Also, we have started to train him to sit. It takes him a minute or two to understand what we trying to get him to do, but he will do it.
I would send you a picture but it's so hard to get Remmy to sit still, he is always going! Instead, I think I will send you a video soon! Hope all your other pups are doing well!



Pup Drogo in his new home.  May/June, 2013

May 24, 2013
I just wanted to keep you all updated with how much fun we're having (and this time give you pictures and videos)!  Drogo is a blast!  I took him to visit my parents today and he started with some playtime with his cousin Apple, who is much too fast for him!  Then we visited the neighbors across the street who have two beautiful cocker spaniels.  Drogo was extremely playful and had so much fun with them all!  He loved meeting everyone, and though he was a little timid at first, warmed up quickly and had a great day full of play and sunshine.  Any time he felt a little uneasy, he just came back to my lap for a breather and then went back in to play with his new friends! 
Everyone that has met him has commented on how beautiful of a puppy he is, and most didn't even know dachshunds could be have his markings!  He certainly is one of a kind!
Dan and Bri



June 11, 2013
Drogo is doing great.  I've been taking him to visit his cousin Apple on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, my days off.  He loves it!  He gets to romp around all day, and he's tired by the time he gets home, so Bri and I get to sleep.  He's getting more and more curious, sniffing around everything, and he's just recently been noticing things far away and watching them.  It's fun to watch him discover the world around him!  He's learning that outside is for potty, and even goes and lays down by the door when it is time to go and we haven't taken him out yet!  The whole potty training process has been more of us learning his rhythm than him learning us!  Our families have all gotten to know him and enjoy their time spent with him.
He has a couple peculiar habits that are very strange, too!  We call him our little parrot sometimes, because he likes to sit on your shoulders!  He also talks back, and just recently we discovered that putting a blanket over his crate at night causes him to go to sleep without putting up a fuss!  He's our little bird dog!
Dan and Bri


June 30, 2013
Pup Drogo is doing well!  We've been taking lots of pictures, and I'll include a few of them for you all to see!  His eyes seem to have stopped changing colors, and he has 3/4 brown and 1/4 blue in both eyes!  We are complimented everywhere we go on how beautiful and cute he is, and he has such a playful and outgoing personality.  He has greeted every new person with lots of kisses and playfulness!  He received a couple of his vaccinations a couple of weeks ago (which he definitely did not enjoy), so now he is allowed to play with other dogs in the dog park.  He still thinks he has to be in his 'spot' to potty, which is just outside of the dog park, but I'd much rather him claim a spot outside the house than inside!  We've sectioned off a small area of the living room with a puppy fence and placed his toys and crate in it for the times when we are not home, and he is doing well with it while we are gone, and he is allowed out when we are in the living room with him and able to keep an eye on him to keep him out of trouble!
He is currently working hard on learning to walk with a loose leash.  We are walking back and forth to the dog park, and he just can't handle his excitement when he gets close to home!  We went on about a half mile walk with my sister's dog, Apple, and he was completely worn out afterwards!  I got a picture of him right after he got a drink, and included it below.  He had real good sleep that day!
For our next pup, we need to probably hold off until next spring, similar to the time we adopted Drogo.  I want to be sure we're fully trained with one pup before taking on another one.
Thanks for the Updates!
Dan and Bri



Lucy's and Dreamer's litter born on April 19, 2013.

This shaded cream boy is called
Wrigley and he went home with
Steve, Lindsey, Sam and John.

This shaded cream boy is called Louie
and he went home with Denise and Russ

This shaded cream girl, Ella,
went home with Andrew and Denise


Layney's and Jake's litter born on April 22, 2013.

This little boy will now be called Scooter and is going home with Tom and Stacy.  They adopted "Aurora" from Summer's litter earlier this year who they named Sassy. 

This red piebald little girl, Minnie and her solid red brother, Mickey went home together to live with Steve and Dawn.
They are joining their new doxie siblings Maddie and Wicket.


This cute little girl is now call Harper.  She went home with Claire and Leigh  and her new doxie sister Scout.

This petite girl will be called Rosie and she went home with Rick, Linda, Melissa and Joe.

This handsome boy is now called Louie.  He went home with
Geoff, Jaime, Alaina, and Maelle


Louie is his new home.  August, 2013

August 15, 2013
Hi Barb!   Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we are enjoying Louie.. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are enjoying watching him with our girls and our other pup... Thank you so much! So glad we found you and Louie.  Jaime







Gracie's and Rebel's litter born on June 7, 2013.

This blue and tan boy's name is Oskar
and he went home with Mark and Lisa.

This blue and tan piebald boy is called Sheldon and
he went home with Dan, Mary, Melissa and Sabrina..


This blue and tan piebald girl is Minnie Pearl. 
She went home with Greg and Barb.

This is Caroline, a blue and tan
 longhair little girl.  She went home with  Daniel and Tony. They also adopted a little boy, Jager, from Skye's litter

This blue & tan girl's name is Bela &
she went home with Andy & Dana.


Sheldon in his new home.  August 2013

August 15, 2013
Barb & Don,
Here are some pics I recently took of Sheldon. He has
adjusted will with us. We love this lil booger so much,
he is a joy to watch play with his toys and attack his
bed & crate. Crate & potty training is going really good.
We have had a few accidents in the house, he is starting
to go by the door when he has to go and he will look at
you like he is saying "hey I have to go potty hurry up I
can't hold it long yet". He is so funny. He goes to 
Carter Vet on Aug 23, at 11. If you will be available
at that time will can come by to see you. If not we can
plan another time. I know you have more babies born and 
babies going home. 

Thank you Again Barb & Don for our wonderful lil baby boy. 





Oskar in his new home.  August 2013

August 18, 2013
Just wanted to take a minute and let you 
know Oskar is doing great. He is adjusting 
well to his new home.   Him and Dee Dee 
are getting along good and like playing 
together.    His vet visit went good.   
Here are a few pics for you.






Summer's and Dreamer's litter born on June 19, 2013

This is Baja, a shaded cream
 male.  His new name is Gus.  He went home with Steve, Dawn, Danny and his doxie sister Gabi.

This is Mojave, a shaded cream
male. His new name is Linus and he went home with Ross and Chelsea.  Last year they adopted a pale cream girl named LuLu from Cedar Lake Dachshunds.

This is Kalahari, a shaded cream female.  Her new name is Skeeter and she went home with Bart and Courtney.

This is Sahara, a shaded
cream female.  She went
home with Richard, Bethany, Liberty, Archer and her
new doxie brother Kenickie.


Gus in his new home August, 2013

Hi Barb & Don,

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how well Gus is doing. The 1st night was a little rough. He was scared. Gabi was too excited and wouldn't leave him alone. We had to separate them. The second day.... they totally bonded. Gus follows Gabi everywhere. She is so patient with him. I'm so proud of how well she is doing. They've even slept together. Gus loves the backyard. He eats like a champ. He gives kisses. He's got the sharpest teeth ever. LOL! He sleeps all night. He fits in perfectly! Thank you so much for him and all of your advise. He's a keeper!!! We love him to pieces! I've attached a few pics of him. We will keep in touch.

Dawn, Steve, Danny, Gabi & Gus




Linus in his new home August, 2013

Hi Barb and Don,

Just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know Linus is doing great! I (Chelsea) was the most nervous about 
how Lulu would react to a new baby but she LOVES him! She herds him around and watches out for him.  She's going
to really love it when he's big and can keep up with her. He's doing great on potty training too! You were right about him
being a baby. He cries when we put him in his crate and loves to be held, he's well on his way to being a momma's boy!
Everyone loves him and he fits right in! We attached a couple pictures for you!
Thanks again!
Chelsea & Ross   




Skye's and Dreamer's litter born on June 28, 2013

Darla's new name is Moxie & she  went home with Bryan & Rosalynn

Buckwheat's new name is Jager and he went home with Daniel and Tony.

Alfalfa's new name is Rio and Spanky's new name is Rigby.  The boys went home with Spencer, Jane, Rhett, Reece and Rory.



Moxie in her new home.  August, 2013

August 19, 2013
Hi Barb!
An update on Moxie, The last couple of nights she has gotten up at 4am and been wide awake.  I fed her, took her outside potty, and then she runs around like a crazy loon!  lol  She chases Ronnie around and bites at his feet, ears and tail.  The poor guy just doesn't know what to do with her.  He finally just rolls over onto his back in submission, it's hilarious.  If she makes any crying noises, the dogs get very concerned, and boy is her crying PITIFUL.  Last night she ran round the house for 2 straight hours, hippity hopping around playing with everybody and everything.  I was hopefull that it would wear her out.  Hope obviously springs eternal at my house!  We so love her to bits and more, I cried all the way to work today cause I had to leave her.
Hope you had a great weekend!

August 22, 2013
Hi Barb!
Moxie had her vet visit today.  She is at 1lb 9oz!   She barked and growled at a big dog that came near me at the vets office.  At first I thought it was someone's ringtone because it didn't sound real! lol   


Sept. 1st. Moxie's first trip to the vet.  She weighed 1 lb. 12 oz.




Halle's and Jake's litter born on July 27, 2013

Domino is a black & tan smooth coat boy.  His new name is Miles. He went home with Kim & Richard.

Panther's new name is Melvin and he went home with Kevin, Gillian, and Connor. He has 2 new adoring doxie sisters, Molly and Madison.

This is Black Magic, now known as Oxley. Ox went home with Christopher, Kelly, Ty and Finn. 

This is Blackjack.  His new name is
Brody and he went home with Ina & Kenny

This is Shadow. This dapple boy is staying here. His new name is Gunner



Dixie's and Dreamer's litter born on August 11, 2013.

This is Maid Marion a black/cream girl. 
She went home with Heather and Lisa
and her new name is Murphy.

Robin Hood is a shaded cream boy. He went
home with Steve and Pat.  His new name is Petey.

Friar Tuck, a pale cream boy, went home with Gerald and Colleen. His new name is Prince.

Little John went home with Sung-Ho,
Heather, and Evan. His new name is Cheerio.


Mady's and Jake's litter born on September 23, 2013.

Samantha, a solid black without tan points, went home with Kelly. Her new name is Lexy.

This handsome shaded red boy is Darrin. His new name is Oscar and he went home with Tom & Kim.

Endora, a red piebald, went home
with Pie.  Her new name is Izzy.

Tabitha, a solid black without tan points, went
home with Tim & Jennifer. Her new name is Sadie.



Wilma's and Jake's litter born on October 22, 2013.

This is Ghirardelli, a chocolate and
 tan dapple smooth coat.  His new
 name is Oscar and he went home
 with Jim and Julie.

This is Godiva, a chocolate/tan dapple
 longhair.  Her new name is Coco and
 she went home with Jeff and Angie

This is Bissinger, a chocolate and tan smooth coat.  This
 gorgeous boy is staying here.  His new name is Yogi.


Halle's and Rebel's litter born on February 8, 2014

Toby went home with Linda, Gary, Gerard,
 Brooklyn, and London.  They also adopted a
 Yadi from Gracie's litter.

Hank went home with Linda & Howard

Agnes home with Lux and Rek and her new
 beagle/lab sister Lulu. See their new adventures
 on you-tube.  Search Lulu and Agnes

This pup went home with Erica.

Roxie went home with Bill & Shannon


Gracie's and Rebel's litter born on February 4, 2014

Wrangler went home with Nick
 and Crystal and his 2 new doxie
 sisters Emma and Lexi
This is Levi.  He went home
 with Gary and Fran.
This is Diesel who's new name is Yadi.
  He went home with Gary, Linda,
 Gerard, Brooklyn, & London. They
 also adopted Toby from Halle's litter.

 Gloria's new name is Stella.  She
 is now living in Illinois with
 Nathan, Ashley, Kendall, Karsyn
 and her new doxie sister Willow

 Victoria's new name is Raedear. 
She is now living in Alaska with
Brok, Tanya, Tison, and Brooke. 

LEI is staying here.  She will take
 over Gracie's mother duties in
a couple of years.  We hope
she will be as fantastic of a
mom as Gracie has been.



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