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Previous Puppies.....  Previous Puppies

These are some of our puppies that have gone to their new homes.


Cookie's and Jimmy's babies born 1-2-10

All these pups are keeping their original names!

Fred "Freddie" went home with the Brown family.

Wilma is staying here.

Barney & Betty went home together with George and Darlene. 

Molly's and Jake's babies born January 17, 2010

Roxie and Gracie went home together with Leota and Gary and the rest of their doxie family

Here are pictures of Roxie and Gracie in their new home. 
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Summer's & Dreamer's litter born January 25, 2010
The Brady's~~Picture taken 2-7-10 at 2 weeks of age.

Greg & his brother Peter went to live with Ryan, Dawn, & Madison.  They are now called Jack & Calvin.

Pictures below of Jack (aka Greg) and Calvin (aka Peter) at 6 months old.  Thanks Ryan, Dawn and Madison!
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The boys are doing great and growing up so fast--6 1/2 months old now.  Jack AKA Greg is full of energy, the bully and very smart, loves to go out in our newly fenced in yard to explorer everything. Jack and our daughter are attached he loves to lay with her in her bed.  Calvin AKA Peter reminds me of a basset hound--doesn't get too excited about anything except food and treats. He is very lovey and always has to lay on his back with all fours in the air with his head under your neck to sleep. Jade our long haired red loves them very much as long as they stay away from her food. Both are in great health and were a great addition to our family.  Thanks Again, Ryan, Dawn, & Madison

October 2011 Jack & Calvin at 1 1/2 years old.
                   Happy Halloween from Jade, Calvin and Jack!       

October, 2011
They are doing great! Not sure what we did without them before. Calvin  is the biggest baby.. He has to be by my side on laying on me at all times. Jack is very smart and a little more of a loaner when he's tired but loves to snuggle too.  we are putting a photo album together of them and would love any pics that you may have of them and would really like some photos of their Mom & Dad Dreamer and Summer.

Ryan, Dawn, & Madison


September 2012 Madison, Jack, Calvin, and Jade




December 15, 2012  Jack, Calvin, Jade and our new addition Carly thought you would get a kick out of these.
Ryan, Dawn & Madison




Bobby went to live with Jamie in Illinois.

Jan is now called Bailey
and lives with Megan in CA.

  Cindy went home with Laura and Jim and their family in NY.  Her new name is Dolce.


Tiger went home with Jim and Linda. 
Jim and Linda adopted Ethel (Layla) from
Cedar Lake Dachshunds last year.

Marcia now called Hillary. She went home with
Tom, Chris and Tim.  Tom and Chris also adopted
Bella (Farrah) from Cedar Lake Dachshunds.

Blue Bell had her babies on Sunday, February 21st. 
The sire, Wildman Jack "Jack", is an isabella dapple smooth coat.

    Dan now called Max                      Roseanne now called Blossom          Jackie now called Lola

Went home with Charlotte & Terry in Texas        Went home with Angie in Canada      Went home with Brianne in Missouri


Lizzy's and Snicker's pups born 3-30-10
Reba, Guinness and Reese

                     Reba went home with the Rennicks

December, 2010                                                                   Hello Barb,
Reba is doing very well. She is house trained and gets a long very well with the dachshund we already had before we got her. They play and sleep together all day, and here lately, since it's been cold, they huddle up together in a blanket next to the heater. It's adorable!...Reba is a very sweet dog that absolutely loves to play and get attention. She is fully of energy and personality...we couldn't be happier with her! I hope all is going well there. Thanks again for everything you've done with Reba...she really is a terrific dog.
Sincerely,  The Rennicks 

July and August, 2010 Here are pictures of Guinness in his new home -- Thanks Sara

Don & Barb, A couple of new pics.  He has had 5 puppy classes.  He comes when called (90% of the time) and will sit and stay.  He is such a loving puppy! He loves to give "kisses" and snuggle.  He loves Daisy and will give her "kisses", too. He is such a perfect match for our family. The picture of Guinness on the dishwasher was taken last night. He is always trying to help! We will keep in touch.

Dec., 2010 Update and picture of Guinness dressed up for the Holidays!

THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!! He is sooo spunky and incredibly cute.  Only about 8 pounds and sooo fluffy! So glad he "turned out" to be long hair.  He gets looks everywhere he goes.  He and Daisy are the best of friends!  The picture was taken in Dec. I will send more as we take them.
Bob & Sarah



August, 2010 Here are pictures of Reese in her new home

Just dropping a little note to give you an update on our diva, Reese! She is one healthy, spunky, pretty girl! She knows sit, down, and roll over. We are still working on the whole... "come" thing. Haha. She adores our pool and the yard! She has lost almost all of her puppy teeth and is chewing on her toys like crazy! She is completely potty-trained! It was really not that much of a challenge - doxie's are so smart!  When you play chase or hide 'n seek, you cannot fool her. She outsmarts us every time! She does not bark at the doorbell, other dogs, people.... just my family when she wants us to play! Thank you so much! Everyone who meets her is immediately in love!-Ali


Caroline had her "Angels" on Tuesday, March 9th. 
The puppies are 6 days old in these pictures.

Jill now called Molly & Sabrina now called Roxie went home with Shelby & Isabelle. 
Kelly went home with Jim and Mary.

Here are pictures of Molly and Roxie in their new home.  August, 2010
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Both little sweeties are doing SOOO great!  They have grown so much.  They BOTH weigh 7 lbs now.  Molly has finally caught up to Rox and she is IN CHARGE.  I have to laugh as I will give them both a toy or a chewie and Roxie always wants the one Molly has, and Molly never lets her have it.  It is so funny to watch the two of them play or rather argue!  House training is going well, still a few accidents now and then, usually by my fault, more than theirs.  Roxie is the queen of drop me and I’ll go on the spot, and Molly has to think about it, walk in circles 17 times, lose her train of thought and then walk in circle a few more times and maybe then she’ll go. Both of them have been super healthy.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that we got both of them.  They are just best buds and they entertain and comfort one another.  They are happy and adjusted.  Now of course our kitty is still “adjusting”.  She is just starting to get somewhat close to them. We’d love to come for a visit in the next couple of weekends for you to see them.  I will call you next week and see what might work!  I hope you both are well, as well as all the babies!  Shelby & Iz


 Becca and Dreamer had a litter of 5 on April 9, 2010

   Jonquil           Holly                     Lily                      Daisy            Rose
Jonquil is now called Nicky & lives with Marie & her family on Long Island.
   Holly is now called Sadie and lives with Jane and her family in Colorado.
Lily is now called Bella & lives with Teresa & her family (& Romeo) in Charlotte.
Daisy is also called Bella & lives in MO with Drew, Melissa, Courtney & Jenna.
Rose is still called Rose and lives in Albuquerque with Paulette and Skylar.

Barb, Wanted to update you on Rosie.....she is so smart.....we love her....what a boon for us to get such a perfect
fit for our family.....quiet, unassuming, but still very intelligent.  And on top of it all.....we want another one or two
from Becca and Dreamer......thanks.  Hope life is good with all the pups.   Paulette

Here are pictures of Bella (Daisy) in her new home.
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Melissa writes....Just wanted to give you an update on Ms. Bella. She is doing great and bringing us lots of joy and laughter. She has quite the personality I must say:) Bella loves to play with toys, eat, and is pretty much housebroken. Yea! She rings the bell to go outside all by herself now. We are very excited about this! She is due
for final shots this week so we are looking forward to being able to take her new places and on long walks. Bella is growing so quickly:( She looks like a Doxie now with her long body and snout! She is a beautiful girl and is always getting compliments! Hope all is going well with you guys. We miss our trips out to visit. We check your website often to get updates on all the puppies. Looks like they are all finding homes!  Take care.


February, 2011
Hi Barb,
Hope all is going well in 2011! 
Bella is doing great! We just can't 
get enough of her! We splurged on 
one outfit and the girls thought 
I should send a picture of her in 
it to you. So....here it is....
Happy Valentine's Day!



Here are pictures of Bella (Lily) in her new home August, 2010
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Hi Barb, I can't believe how fast this month has gone by.  Bella is doing great and getting big.  She and Romeo 
are really starting to get into a routine together with playtime, naps, walks, and bedtime. We are still working at
potty training but it's coming along. She is just what I was looking for!  Have a great weekend, Teresa 


Happy 1st Birthday Bella! April 9, 2011

thanks for the bday note. i  alway think of bella's bday as july, the month i brought her home. since today is her actual bday it seemed only fit to take her picture on her one year bday. she continues to be the perfect partner
in crime for romeo with her high energy and good natured disposition.  Thanks again for the little princess .


Here are pictures of Sadie (Holly) in her new home April, 2011
She is absolutely beautiful and I love her very much.  The most loving puppy I have ever seen.  She dearly loves all of her humans and is very cuddly, just what I needed.  Thank you very much.  Send me some pictures of the other pups in her litter if you can.  Thanks. Jane




       Skye's and Dreamer's litter born 3-2-10


Jerry is now called Rudy and went home        
with Kelly, Kevin, Mitchell and Meghan.
Elaine lives in Albuquerque with Lynn and Connor and is now called Olivia.
Hi Barb--Thank you so much for checking on Rudy. I have told several people about you and how loving you  guys are to the dogs.  Rudy is doing marvelous.  The kids adore him, and he is spoiled rotten.  We had him neutered  a couple of  weeks ago and all went well.    The vet staff just love him.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Again, thank  you for asking about Rudy.               He is doing great and is  loved a lot!!!  Thanks,Kelly   HI barb!   We have named our little girl finally; da ta da ... Olivia or Livia.  She actually picked it out herself as she reacted to it by looking up and coming to me!  We are happy finally to settle her in with a name.  Olie still shows massive dominance over Livia, he bites her ears and neck, makes a throaty growl just to entice her to play.  Sometimes I have to shove Olie away because Livia is submissive and doesn't want to be bothered but other times she can make herself understood to leave her alone. Oliver is a bit miffed I think that he has given up his throne to another pup in the house.  I don't think he signed
March, 2011
Thank you for remembering Rudy's birthday.  It is hard to believe it has been a year.  We absolutely adore him.  He is such a good boy, and is finally potty trained!!!  We sent you a picture of him a
little after christmas, did you get it?  He is beautiful. 
Have a good day.  Kelly
up for this, HA.  He is mostly happy I think but other times just watches and then pounces on her.  She and Olie share their food quite nicely.  I think in the long run Olie will absolutely love Livia as much as we do.  We think she is the bomb.  She so far has taken to Connor and Olie is still my bud.  We thank you so much for Livia and are quite enamored with her.  We are glad for Livia because she is independent and frolicks about with Olie.   I continue to spy on your website and am very happy to see that Dorothy and the other black/creme pup are sold.   I am anxious to see all the new puppy pics! I hope you guys are well and think of you often and thank you for our blessing!  Take care and hope to hear from you soon and see new pics.   Ciao,  Lynn and Connor



March, 2011 Pictures of Olivia (aka Elaine).  Olivia lives in Albuquerque with her canine buddy Oliver and her humans Lynn and Connor.



October 6, 2011

Hi! newest pic of oLivia with Connor. Doesn’t she look just like her mom?
We hope you guys are well, and having fun with the puppies! Thank you for our love bug, oLivia!



George went home with Sam and her family.
 George will keep his original name.

Kramer went home with Eric and is now called Louie. 


Here are pictures of Louie (Kramer) in his new home March, 2011


Emmie and Buster are from Cricket's & Luke's litter born in April 2008

Emmie & Buster all grown up and enjoying a Colorado cabin fireplace

"If you ever want a testimonial for your website, or a potential adopting family has questions, PLEASE let us know! These two pups bring us so much joy and companionship! Have a good week..."

he above email volunteering a testimonial is the best type of testimonial you can get. Dachshunds really are great companions.

Buster and Emmie with their sister Lauren. She is five months old now. They both like her, but  Buster is REALLY  attached to her. I think he is excited now that he sees her potential as a future playmate. They  are both very gentle with her & pace around if she fusses. They are doing great! We love them so much! -Allison


February, 2010
 Was just visiting your web page again...I occasionally look at all the puppies. They are just SO adorable! I'd love another one of course, but I truly do think that one is enough. lol Gilbert is almost 7 months old now! He was neutered a few weeks ago. He is truly the apple of our eye! He has such a personality. We took him to "puppy school", and while he's quick to learn any new command, with a food treat of course, the best education he got was just being with other dogs. He loves being in the company of other dogs, and loves to play. We can't imagine how we lived without him in our lives.  I've enclosed a few pictures for you! Carla and Gene


John aka  Gilbert at 7 wks old  



Pictures of Annabel taken November, 2012.  Annabel lives with John.


hi Barb,
Nice talking with you!
As promised, here are two images of our beloved Annabel Louise.



Pictures of Ozzy and Yadi taken July, 2010.  These boys are now 2 years old. 
Their mom is Karmen and their dad is Laddy.

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Barb I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the boys are doing great,  perfect in every way : )  They have many doggy friends they play with and lots of people that love them!  As they get older I am surprised at the differences in their personalities. The Oz is pretty much hell on little feet, he is very busy, let me out there is a vermin in my yard, he would stay out on guard all day. Yadi love on the other hand is totally a creature of comfort! He doesn't like being too hot, getting his furs dirty or wet he just looks at you with that cute face and all he wants is love. They are very social and get to go camping, to the farm and to my parent's lake house. They are truly a joy to have around! They are both very smart, Ozzy knows a lot of tricks and is eager to learn, Yadi not so much, he has no interest in rolling over he just wants love and that's ok. Oz is totally treat motivated, Yadi could care less its all about the lovies : ) I just wanted to let you know they are very healthy and happy little boys with a great life.  We are going to the lake next week so I sent you a picture of them in their new life jackets. They both have learned to swim although Yadi is not a water lover the Oz sure is swim and swim and swim, funny little guys. They watch a lot of cardinals games with me and its funny when Yadi the player is announced over the air my Yadi looks around at the TV like who is calling me?

Hope life is treating you well! 
Thanks, Patty  



Picture of Ozzy and Yadi at 3 years old

October, 2011
Hope you and your family had a great summer!  Wanted to drop a line and let you know Ozzy and Yadi are healthy, happy little boys loving life! Here is a picture of them from our lake trip last week. They are a joy to have around and are very loved

Cheers, Patty



Picture of Ozzy and Yadi at 4 years old

Happy holidays!
The boys are doing great, last week they were 4!
Hope all is well with you and the family  : ) 
Patty, Ozzy and Yadi




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